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Super Team

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1.  How much do you charge?
Fees are based upon charge, jurisdiction and the involvement of drugs and/or weapons.
2. Are there any guarantees?
No. There are absolutely no guarantees.  

3. Are you paralegals or lawyers?
We are a team of licensed paralegals, some of whom are former police officers with many years of court experience.
4. Do I need to attend court?
  Not in most cases however, if we require you for court, our agents will inform you well in advance.
5. Why do I need traffic paralegal services?
We have more than 12 years experience in the Paralegal Business, two former Police Officers (one Detective) on staff with combined experience of over 60 years of police work and court duty. Our results speak for themselves.

6. Are consultations free?

7. How does payment work?
We require a minimum of a 50 percent down payment based on an estimate of your total fees.

8. Do we have to come into the office to retain your services?
No, you may also retain our services by fax and/or email.