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Traffic Offences


Traffic paralegal services is one of the most thriving traffic ticket defense firms in all of Ontario. Our purpose is to get your Speeding ticket either withdrawn or reduced. By getting it dismissed, we will have it completely removed from your driving record. However, in the event that a dismissal of your charge is not possible, then we strive to make the impact from your Speeding ticket as insignificant as possible.


Since a Careless Driving charge is one of the most serious traffic charges, a conviction carries severe consequences. Due to this, fighting your charges in court is probably a much wiser choice. We analyze the evidence and ensure the proper charge was laid and take action.


An insurance conviction carries the highest minimum fines under the Highway Traffic Act. Do not just pay your ticket for No Insurance. Instead, use your right to fight these charges in court and save your money. Our aim is to get your ticket charges dropped entirely; however, if that is not possible we will work to get your fines substantially reduced, ensuring they have the least impact on you and your life.


Stunt Driving charges are laid without discretion and have the effect of tripling your insurance. Fortunately, in many cases a Stunt Driving ticket can be successfully defended in court. We know how to examine these cases, assess them, and then create the best possible defense. We are often in a position to save our clients points and thousands of dollars in fines and insurance.