Red Light/Amber Light – Fail To Stop In Ontario

What is a Failure to Stop for a Red Light Ticket In Ontario?

In the province of Ontario, a Disobey a red signal ticket is a serious traffic offence that falls under the Highway Traffic Act. If a driver is caught either by a police officer or a camera system not stopping at a red signal, they can be issued an offence notice.

Camera Ticket vs. Ticket Issued by an Officer

Camera Ticket

  • Issuance: A camera ticket is issued automatically by an electronic system that detects vehicles failing to stop at a red signal.
  • Evidence: Photographic evidence is typically provided, capturing the vehicle’s license plate and the traffic signal status at the time of the violation.
  • Recipient: The offence notice is usually sent to the registered owner of the vehicle, not the driver at the time of the offence.
  • Impact on Driving Record: In Ontario, camera offences do not add demerit points or appear on the driver’s record, as the driver’s identity is not confirmed.
  • Impact on CVOR: Camera tickets will show up on CVOR, and will add 5 CVOR points.

Ticket Issued by an Officer

  • Issuance: This type of ticket is issued in person by a police officer who observes the violation.
  • Evidence: The officer’s observations are the primary evidence, and they may also use dashcam footage or witness testimony.
  • Recipient: The offence notice is issued directly to the driver responsible for the violation.
  • Impact on Driving Record: An offence notice issued by an officer may add demerit points to the driver’s record and may have other implications, such as increased insurance rates.

While both types of tickets result from the same violation – failure to stop at a red signal – they differ in how they are issued, the evidence used, the recipient, and the potential impact on the driver’s record. If you receive either type of ticket, consult with Traffic Paralegal Services to understand your options and rights. We specialize in fighting these charges, and our expertise can guide you through the legal process to minimize or eliminate the penalties associated with failure to stop at a red light in Ontario.

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Penalties for Failure to Stop at a Red Light Ticket

A red light ticket in Ontario carries with it several penalties:

  • A fine of $260 to $500
  • Three demerit points on your driving record
  • Increased insurance rates

The consequences of failure to stop at a red light can have a lasting impact on your driving privileges and financial situation.

Penalties for Failure to Stop at an Amber Signal Ticket

In Ontario, failing to stop at an amber is also a violation. Penalties include:

  • A fine ranging from $150 to $400
  • Possible demerit points, depending on the circumstances
  • Insurance rate implications

Where is the Driver Required to Stop?

In Ontario, drivers are required to stop at the marked stop line or before entering the crosswalk or intersection. This regulation applies to both fail to stop at red signal Ontario and amber light violations.

How To Fight Failure to Stop for a Red-Light Ticket and an Amber Light Ticket?

Traffic Paralegal Services specializes in fighting charges under the Provincial Offences Act and Highway Traffic Act. If you have received a red-light ticket or an amber light ticket, we can help you:

  • Evaluate the evidence against you
  • Build a strong defence strategy
  • Represent you in court
  • Potentially reduce or eliminate fines, convictions and demerit points

Hiring Traffic Paralegal Services to fight Red Light tickets and amber light tickets is in your best interest, as it saves time, stress, and money.

By entrusting your case to Traffic Paralegal Services, you are placing it in the hands of professionals who have a deep understanding of Ontario’s traffic laws. Our specialized knowledge ensures that you receive the best defence possible. If you have been charged with a red-light ticket or amber light ticket, contact us today.

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Can I fight a red-light ticket?

Yes, you can fight any tickets in Ontario.

What are the penalties for failing to stop at a red signal ticket?

Penalties include fines, 3 demerit points, and increased insurance rates.

How does it affect insurance?

A red light ticket can increase insurance premiums.

What is the difference between a red light charge and an amber light charge?

A red light offence is for failing to stop at a red light, while an amber light offence is for failing to stop at an amber light.

Can Traffic Paralegal Services help with a red-light ticket?

Yes, we specialize in helping drivers fight all sorts of tickets

What are the demerit points for failing to stop at a red light?

It carries three demerit points in Ontario.

How can I contact Traffic Paralegal Services?

You can contact us through our website or by phone to discuss how we can help you with your issues.