Unsafe Move Lane or Shoulder

Unsafe Move Lane or Shoulder in Ontario: How Traffic Paralegal Services Can Help

In Ontario, an Unsafe Move Lane or Shoulder ticket is issued under Section 154.1(a) of the Highway Traffic Act, which says:” A vehicle shall not be driven from one lane to another lane or to the shoulder unless the driver first ascertains that it can be done safely.”

This ticket can be received for violations relating to unsafe behaviours, such as abrupt lane changes without signalling, making a lane change over solid lines, and more.

Traffic Paralegal Services specializes in defending clients against these specific tickets. Engaging in an unsafe lane change in Ontario can have substantial consequences, but with our support, we can help you fight these charges effectively.

Behaviours Considered as Unsafe Moves:

  1. Changing Lanes Without Signaling: Failing to use proper indicators before changing lanes.
  2. Changing Lanes Over Solid Lines: Moving from one lane to another across a solid line, which is considered illegal.
  3. Abrupt or Reckless Lane Changes: Making sudden, unpredictable moves without regard for other motorists.
  4. Changing Lanes Near Intersections: Making a move too close to an intersection, potentially causing confusion and danger.
  5. Improper Use of the Shoulder: Utilizing the shoulder of the road for purposes other than what is legally allowed, such as passing other vehicles.
  6. Disrupting Traffic Flow: Causing disruption in the flow of traffic due to erratic or hasty lane changes.
  7. Failing to Yield Right-of-Way When Changing Lanes: Not allowing other drivers the proper right-of-way when performing a move.

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Penalties for Unsafe Move Tickets

An unsafe lane change ticket in Ontario can lead to severe penalties. Here is what you could be facing if convicted:

  • Fines: Between $600 and $500
  • Demerit Points: 3 points on your driving record
  • Insurance Impact: Increased premiums

With Traffic Paralegal Services, these penalties can often be reduced or even eliminated.

How to Fight an Unsafe Lane Change Ticket

The process of contesting an unsafe move ticket requires a strong understanding of Ontario’s traffic laws. That is where Traffic Paralegal Services comes in. We can assist you by:

  • Understanding the Law: Explaining Section 154.1(a) of the Highway Traffic Act and how it applies to your case.
  • Building a Defense: Gathering evidence, speaking with witnesses, and preparing legal arguments.
  • Representation in Court: Presenting your case in the best possible light to fight the unsafe lane change ticket in Ontario.
  • Negotiation: If applicable, we may negotiate for reduced penalties or dismissal of the charges.

At Traffic Paralegal Services, we are committed to defending your rights when faced with an Unsafe Move Lane or Shoulder ticket in Ontario. We understand the law, the penalties, and how to fight these tickets effectively. Contact us today to take the first step toward a successful resolution of your unsafe lane change ticket.

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What does Section 154.1(a) of the Highway Traffic Act entail?

It pertains to unsafe move lane or shoulder and covers violations related to abrupt or improper movements.

How does Traffic Paralegal Services help with an unsafe move ticket in Ontario?

We review the incident, gather evidence, represent you in court, and negotiate to reduce or dismiss charges.

Can I fight an unsafe move lane or shoulder ticket myself?

While you can, professional assistance from Traffic Paralegal Services greatly enhances success chances.

How do insurance companies view unsafe move tickets?

They may increase premiums as they see it as a risk factor.

How much will Traffic Paralegal Services charge to help with my case?

Fees vary based on case complexity; contact us for a consultation.

Is an unsafe move ticket a criminal charge?

No, it is considered a traffic violation under Ontario law.

Can an unsafe lane change ticket be dismissed?

Yes, with proper legal representation, it is possible to have the ticket dismissed