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The Traffic Paralegal Services Advantage

Unparalleled Focus on Traffic Offences

Unparalleled Focus on Traffic Offences

At Traffic Paralegal Services, our legal practice is solely committed to the Provincial Offences Act and Highway Traffic Act charges. Unlike general paralegal firms that spread their resources thin over multiple areas, our razor-sharp focus allows us to be deeply entrenched in Ontario’s traffic law intricacies.

Comprehensive Knowledge of Provincial Legislation

Comprehensive Knowledge of Provincial Legislation

We possess an in-depth understanding of Ontario’s Provincial Offences Act and Highway Traffic Act, as well as local bylaws and enforcement practices. Our comprehensive grasp of these specific legal frameworks enables us to strategize effectively for your case.

Strong Relationships with Local Courts and Authorities

Strong Relationships with Local Courts and Authorities

Our extensive experience has allowed us to build valuable relationships within the Ontario legal system. We understand the procedural nuances of local courts from Ottawa to Toronto, from Windsor to Thunder Bay, which can be advantageous in navigating your case to a favourable outcome.

Up-to-Date on Current Legal Trends

Up-to-Date on Current Legal Trends

Traffic laws and regulations are ever-changing. Our dedication to this specific field ensures that we are always current on the latest amendments, case law, and judicial interpretations that may benefit your case.

Proven Track Record

Proven Track Record

We have a strong history of successfully contesting all types of traffic charges, from speeding and careless driving to racing charges. Our holistic approach considers not just the legal but also the factual elements of your case, giving you the best chance for a successful defence.

Tailored Defence Strategies

Tailored Defence Strategies

No two cases are identical. We take the time to thoroughly review the details of your situation and tailor a defence strategy that is uniquely suited to your circumstances and objectives.

Transparent Fees with No Hidden Costs

Transparent Fees with No Hidden Costs

Legal costs can be daunting. At Traffic Paralegal Services, we offer a straightforward pricing structure that is competitive yet reflects the high quality of service you receive. There are no surprises, just a transparent legal process.

Accessible and Responsive Client Service

Accessible and Responsive Client Service

We believe that clear and consistent communication is crucial in any legal undertaking. Our team is accessible via multiple channels and we strive to respond to your inquiries in a timely manner, keeping you informed at every step of your case

How We Can Help You Fight Your Traffic Tickets

Pleading guilty to a traffic ticket and paying a fine without getting legal advice can be a very costly mistake, especially when it impacts your insurance rates. At TPS, we understand the impact that a conviction from a charge can have on your life. This is why our target is always to get your charges completely withdrawn or dismissed. In the event that this is not possible, then we will work to get the best results possible.

Traffic Paralegal Services (TPS): Defending Your Traffic Tickets in Ontario

Founded with a mission to represent and assist individuals facing traffic-related charges, Traffic Paralegal Services (TPS) has become an esteemed establishment within Ontario’s legal community. Operating exclusively in the realm of traffic violations, TPS offers unparalleled focus and commitment to the cases it undertakes.

Field of Activity

Ontario’s Provincial Offences Act and Highway Traffic Act govern a vast array of violations, from speeding to more severe infractions like Stunt and Careless Driving. Navigating the complexities of these acts requires deep knowledge and unwavering precision. At TPS, our paralegals are adept in the nuances of these laws, ensuring clients are provided with the best paralegal services.

Experience Matters

Over the years, TPS has represented a plethora of clients, from first-time offenders to individuals with more intricate cases. Our track record resonates with success stories, where charges were either reduced substantially or dismissed entirely. This legacy of successful defence is attributed to our continuous study of Ontario’s ever-evolving traffic laws and meticulous case preparation.

Our Commitment

At TPS, the core of our operations revolves around the rights and interests of our clients. We understand the ramifications a conviction can have on an individual’s life, both immediate and long-term. Beyond just the financial aspect, the potential damage to one’s driving record, heightened insurance premiums, and overall peace of mind are of concern. Hence, our approach is not merely transactional; it’s personal. Every client, every case receives our undivided attention, ensuring we chart out the best possible legal pathway forward.

In the intricate web of Ontario’s traffic laws, having a dedicated paralegal firm like TPS by your side can make all the difference. Entrust us with your concerns, and let our legacy of diligence and success be your guide.

Who We Are

Traffic Paralegal Services was established in October 2008 by retired Metro Toronto Police Officer Michael Walt.

What We Do

At Traffic Paralegal Services we strive to achieve a result in favour of our client while upholding the integrity of the law.

Where To Find Us

With offices in Mississauga and Caledon, Traffic Paralegal Services makes it easy to fight traffic tickets throughout Ontario.

The Process

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Our Practice Areas

Traffic Paralegal Services is built on three basic principles: Integrity, honesty, and results. We used these guidelines in everything we do and have created a client base of over 28,000 clients. If you’re facing one or more of the following charges, we can help you.


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The Advantage of Our Traffic Paralegal Services in Ontario

In the complex realm of Ontario’s traffic regulations, Traffic Paralegal Services (TPS) stands out as a steadfast advocate for individuals who have received a traffic ticket.

Why Opt for Our Paralegal Services?

TPS isn’t just another legal firm; we’re a specialized traffic law paralegal service. This specialization means every case benefits from in-depth, focused knowledge, ensuring a tailored and potent defence strategy. Moreover, paralegals, especially those from TPS, offer an affordable and equally competent alternative to traditional traffic ticket lawyers.

Focused Services Over Broad Representation

Our team goes beyond simple representation. We delve deep into each case, demystifying complexities and guiding our clients every step of the way. We believe in proactive defence. Thus, our paralegals remain updated with the nuances of Ontario’s ever-evolving traffic laws, ensuring our clients are always a step ahead.

Affordable, Yet Comprehensive

Choosing a paralegal, especially for traffic-related cases, can be a cost-effective decision without compromising on quality or expertise. With traffic law as our sole focus, TPS paralegals provide dedicated and pinpointed services, often at a fraction of the cost of traditional traffic lawyers.

Traffic Violation Paralegal: A Versatile Solution

Whether you’re facing a minor ticket or a more serious charge, our team is equipped to handle all traffic-related concerns. We understand the gravity tied to each violation and craft our defence strategies with precision.

The TPS Benefit

Choosing TPS isn’t just abo