What We Do

We strive to always to get your charges completely withdrawn or dismissed.

When you have a traffic ticket problem, Traffic Paralegal Services is the solution.

Traffic Offences

We strive to achieve the best results for your traffic offence, including:

Pleading guilty to a traffic ticket and paying a fine without getting legal advice can be a very costly mistake, especially when it impacts your insurance rates. We at TPS understand the impact that a conviction from a charge can have on your life, which is why our goal is to get your charges completely withdrawn or dismissed. In the event that this is not possible, we will work to get the best results possible.

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Commercial Vehicles

Commercial vehicle offenses can have a negative impact on the Ministry of Transport safety rating of your company, and can also result in increased insurance premiums. At Traffic Paralegal Services, we can help you and your company get the best outcome possible for:

  • CVOR Offences
  • MTO Charges
  • Major / Minor Defects
  • Overweight Charges

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Already convicted? We help with reviews and appeals as well. We may be able to get your negative outcome reversed or reduced.

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