Stunt Driving Ontario

What is stunt driving?

As outlined in s.172 of the Highway Traffic Act (HTA )there can be multiple ways one could commit a Stunt Driving or Racing charge in Ontario. It is one of the most serious offences within the HTA and the penalties can be quite substantial and lasting on ones driving record and insurance premiums. It is essential one knows their rights when faced with a Stunt Driving or Racing Charge.

What is considered Stunt Driving or Racing in Ontario?

Ontario Regulation 455/07 outlines an exhaustive list outlining the circumstances in which one is at fault for a stunt driving charge.

Most commonly Stunt Driving can be committed by:

  1. Operating a motor vehicle at a rate of speed that is 40 kilometres per hour or more over the speed limit, if the speed limit is less than 80 kilometres per hour.
  2. Operating a motor vehicle at a rate of speed that is 50 kilometres per hour or more over the speed limit, if the speed limit is 80 kilometres per hour or more.
  3. Operating a motor vehicle at a rate of speed that is 150 kilometres per hour or more.
  4. Operating a motor vehicle without due care and attention, without reasonable consideration for other persons using the highway or in a manner that may endanger any person.
  5. Operating a motor vehicle in a manner that indicates an intention to cause some or all of its tires to lose traction with the surface of the highway while turning.
  6. Operating a motor vehicle in a manner that indicates an intention to spin it or cause it to circle, without maintaining control over it.
  7. Operating a motor vehicle in a manner that indicates an intention to drive, without justification, as close as possible to another vehicle, pedestrian or fixed object on or near the highway

It is important to note these are not the only ways in which one can be charged with stunt driving, there are many more. The determination of whether or not one is guilty of such an offence can vary from circumstance to circumstance. At Traffic Paralegal Services our legal experts have the knowledge to scrutinize each individual case and make arguments on your behalf to test the evidence put forth by the prosecution.

A person charged with Stunt Driving or Racing will be issued a Part III Summons that will order you to attend court to answer to this charge. Going on your own can be dangerous. It is important to have the representation with the knowledge that is best suited to your needs.

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Stunt Driving Ontario Penalties

In the July of 2021 the “Mothers Act” was put in place to combat stunt driving and racing in Ontario and to help make our roads safer. This Law put in place more server penalties surrounding stunt driving and racing, including roadside suspensions and vehicle impoundment.

The changes include:

  1. Penalties have increased from 7 days to 30 days roadside driving suspensions and a 14-day vehicle impoundment.
  2. Minimum fine of $2,000.00 to a maximum of $10,000.00
  3. 6 demerit points.
  4. On first conviction licence suspension for 1-3 years
  5. In some instances, up to 6 months imprisonment.
  6. Your insurance will increase substantially.

Impact on Driver’s Record

Having a Stunt charge can be a huge detriment to one’s driver’s record. As it is a serious charge it will increase your insurance premiums with a possibility of insurance cancellation and will remain on your driver’s abstract.

Depending on your occupation a stunt or racing conviction can have significant repercussions on your employment, especially for professional drivers.

Things you ought to you about stunt driving laws in Ontario

Stunt driving covers more than a dozen offences

Speeding 50km/h over the speed limit is among the most common stunt charges, however, drivers can also be charged if they’re alleged to have performed a number of different maneuvers with their vehicle. Offences where persons are in the trunk, or operation of a motor vehicle causing wheels to spin or one or more tires to lose contact with the roadway can also result in a stunt driving charge. Drivers can be charged if they’re caught doing 40km/h over in a zone that is less than 80km/h, whereas before the limit was 50km/h over.

The driver will receive a lifetime driving ban for stunt driving

As of November 28th, 2022 upon conviction, a person will receive a 1 to 3 years license suspension along with a fine ranging from $2,000 to $10,000. Subsequent convictions will result in a lifetime driving ban.

Do not try to defend yourself against a Stunt Driving Charge

There is no one universal way to defend a stunt driving charge. There are often multiple ways to go about defending against a Stunt charge. Our legal professionals have years of experience with stunt driving in Ontario and we can help you.

Legal defence of stunt driving tickets

Our office has experience in dealing with stunt driving charges in all of its different forms.

We have effectively protected our clients’ rights and drivers’ records in court. And our objectives are always to:

  • Win your case
  • Reduce charges to a lesser degree
  • Avoid any driving suspensions and
  • Avoid or minimize any increase to your insurance

We charge a set fee for stunt driving offences which include all work on your file, and no additional or hidden fees.

When defending you against your stunt driving charge, we make all arrangements from start to finish of your matter and request any materials in preparation for the trial.

The court process can be quite intricate and intimidating. On your trial date our experienced paralegal advocate to protect you against your charge.

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What should I do if I receive a Stunt driving or Racing charge in Ontario?

If you have been charged with Stunt Driving or Racing you would have received a summons with a court date. You must attend that court date or hire a lawyer or paralegal to attend on your behalf. Otherwise, you will be convicted in your absence.

Can I ignore a Stunt Driving or Racing charge in Ontario?

Ignoring any ticket you received is not advisable. Failure to attend your court date will lead to a conviction in your absence along with additional penalties, such as license suspensions and increased fines.

Will a Stunt driving or Racing conviction affect my insurance rates?

Yes, if you have been convicted of Stunt driving or Racing your insurance will most definitely go up.

How many demerit points will I receive for a Stunt Driving or Racing in Ontario?

Stunt Driving or Racing conviction carries 6 demerit points.

Can I fight a Stunt Driving charge in Ontario?

It is possible to fight a Stunt Driving charge in Ontario. It is best to seek legal assistance from a traffic ticket defence paralegal who can help you navigate through the legal process.

Will I lose my driver's license for Stunt Driving or Racing in Ontario?

Yes, your licence will be suspended automatically for 30 days upon being charged. If the court registers a conviction, then your licence will be suspended for 1 to 3 years.

How long will a conviction affect my insurance rates?

In most cases, insurance companies can see convictions on your driving record for three years from the date of conviction.